FREE SHIPPING Thai Constellation

FREE SHIPPING Thai Constellation


FREE SHIPPING Thai Constellations: The Plant you are sent will be chosen at random by Verdant Dwellings

The Thai Constellation Monstera Deliciosa is an engineered Variegated Monstera Deliciosa that is grown from tissue culture. It displays white star like speckles as well as naturally occurring white sections of leaf. All leaves are variegated but differs for each leaf and plant in amount. This plant is suited to an indoor position or a well sheltered outdoor spot under a patio or veranda. It prefers a filtered light or morning sun position and likes well drained soil. The white of the leaves is more delicate to the sun however and is easily burnt. Position therefore needs to be taken into consideration. Fenestrations will appear on the plants leaves as it matures.

150mm pot

Please Note: All Verdant Dwellings plants are shipped in the pot so they are shipped as you see in the photos. All photos are taken of actual sale plants by Verdant Dwellings however plants ordered may differ slightly.

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