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Welcome To Verdant dwellings

excellence in indoor plants


Our Roots

Verdant Dwellings began as a desire to provide top quality plants to the community at a reasonable price. From this a small but passionate business has grown and we are now able to offer a range of plants through various means.


Our Plants

Here you will find a large number of indoor plants and plant accessories. Verdant Dwellings will change what plants are available depending on maturity and season along with a variety of plant care accessories, so why not come and have a look.


Our Markets

Sometimes you just cant choose which plant you want, or you want to see them and really get an idea of size and colour. Good thing Verdant Dwellings do Markets around Melbourne! Have a look here for upcoming dates and locations.


our mission

As our gardens get smaller and our indoor living spaces bigger, it is our aim to provide well priced indoor plants of excellent quality to green our lives

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Need some inspiration? Or perhaps you just love looking at beautiful pictures of indoor plants, like we do!