Plant Care


We often get asked about how to care for our plants, the peat moss we pot into and how to use it, and general care questions surrounding indoor plants. Here you will find video tips and explanations to help you get the most out of your indoor plants.


using Peat Moss

So, you spoke and we listened. Check out our first in a series of short videos about Peat Moss! This is the basics about moisture levels and what they look like.

We pot only in peat moss. Here Jeff explains what levels of water it can hold and what is ideal dependant on the plant.


How to Water Plants in Peat Moss

Jeff discusses how watering is different in peat moss to potting mix and how you can tell when each plant is ready for watering.


Feeding and potting plants in Peat Moss

Jeff discusses how and when to feed plants that live in pure peat moss. This is both when potting into decorative pots, or leaving them in plastic pots.


Comparing Peat Moss to Potting Mix

Using two samples, Jeff explains the difference between how peat moss and potting mix hold and use water.


How to Re-Pot Plants into Peat Moss

Lots of us have plants potted in potting mix. In this video Jeff demonstrates how to Re-Pot these plants into peat moss and how to avoid shocking the plant when doing so.


Clumping Peat Moss

Jeff discusses how peat clumping together is a normal process that doesn't affect the health of the plant, how to work with it, and why sticking things onto the soil is a bad idea.


Vine Propagation

Here Jeff shows you how to propagate a vining plant to create more plants and make your grow fuller. This video is for water propagation using the plants arial roots.


Calathea Care

Jeff talks about care for the Calathea plant family. Some need more specific care than others but with these tips, your plant can always look it's best. Feel free to contact us with questions for your Calathea.


Unboxing your Verdant Dwellings Order

Many have asked how to quickly open their parcels without damaging the plants. Here Jeff shows you how to get into your new plants quickly and easily with minimal mess or fuss!