Peat Moss

Peat Moss

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We have two sizes of Peat Moss bags filled with our commercial grade peat moss. This product has been sustainably farmed from three countries and broken up and pre-moistened by Verdant Dwellings. This means all you have to do is wet it if its dry, add some slow release fertiliser and pot. This Peat Moss has been sterilised so no pest larvae are dormant within it. Peat Moss is quite different to work with from other potting mixes including it’s look, feel, water retention and nutrient release. Please see our Plant Care tab for multiple videos on how to successfully use this product.

Please Note: Once a biological product (plant) is added to peat moss, it can form pest infestations as can any other potting medium.

Comes in a 5 litre or a 10 litre size

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